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American University Yields over a 52% Reduction in Cost Per Action for Enrollments

A well-respected American university recently decided to partner with Genius Monkey in hopes of increasing enrollment and promoting plans for specific degrees. The university was also struggling with a specific degree program, and after seeing initial results from the branding campaign, they came to us to help support them with that "niche degree," as well.


They approached Genius Monkey in hopes that we could help them to increase brand awareness. They wanted to use Genius Monkey to "own their backyard" and expand their footprint. They also wanted to use us as an effective partner to incorporate a programmatic platform, target the appropriate audience and increase enrollment numbers.


We started with a general-branding campaign for the university's online division. We leveraged multiple creative sets to A/B test performance. Display image ads were very successful in the first month, and in the second month, we added in a video component. We also added a retargeting plan into the mix to build that pool of individuals which we'll plan to deploy with program-specific campaigns in the future.


We initiated a degree-specific campaign, and less than a month later, the program is having extremely strong results with the branding campaign, which they attribute to the plan put into place. CPA (Cost Per Action) for enrollments yielded a 25.6% reduction within the first month and a 52.86% reduction from the initial CPA cost by the end of month two.

Digital channels that they had previously utilized are being beat in nearly every metric. The university found incredible value in the customer journey/path to conversion data, and continue to look for additional ways we can package this data to provide insights on a macro level.

Currently, in a down enrollment market the enrollments are up 2.73% in the states where we're running, but down 5.74% in the states where the campaign is not running.

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