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Highest Propensity to Engage, at the Lowest Possible Cost

Fully-Managed Real Time Programmatic Video, Banner, Social & Content-Based Ads

  • Full Attribution Tracking Full Attribution Tracking Down to the Conversion
  • No Contracts No Contracts
  • Fully Managed By Us No Experience Necessary - Fully Managed by Us
  • Average campaigns run about $0.47 per click to your site

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CPM vs CPE   You don't pay for impressions; you only pay when your audience engages with your ad.

What We Do

We Believe an Ad Server Should be Driven by Results

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We get your brand, product or message in front of more people with the highest propensity to engage at the lowest possible cost.

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We do this through highly-efficient banner, video, content and social-based display ads. These ads are layered with top-notch behavioral data across our massive media-agnostic set of networks with hi-tech optimization and conversion tracking.

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We work with major brands and agencies as their trusted source of programmatic-based digital advertising to increase traffic, conversions and sales with ROI top of mind.

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Let the ads decide where & when they go based on performance

Virtually Unlimited Behavioral Targeting

Genius Monkey's numerous behavioral database partnerships allow you to hit virtually any targeting element and/or combination you can dream up.

Prioritize audiences and utilize If / And / Or statements as well as layering within your targeting profiles.

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Media / Device Agnostic

Don't rely on just a few major networks, Genius Monkey brings in ALL available media outlets, adjusting in real time for best performance.

Serve to all connected devices with the only bias being on performance.

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Omni Monkey®

Omni Monkey is a proprietary set of algorithms that optimizes across all variables, including devices and media access points in real time, based on performance, insuring optimal performance and ROI.

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Quants with Human Oversight ®

Our algorithms are truly amazing! However, Genius Monkey does not believe in the industry standard of a "set it and forget it" mentality. Our algorithms are backed up by daily human oversight to ensure the utmost in performance.

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Measurement & Validation

Be confident in your marketing with verified brand safety checks in real time on EVERY placement.

Receive quality, easy-to-read reporting on your marketing dollars.

Full attribution tracking down to the conversions, including items like:

  • Conversion type
  • Device type
  • Interaction level
  • Conversion dates & times
  • Conversion IP Address
  • Conversion referral pages & more...

CPM vs CPE   You don't pay for impressions; you only pay when your audience engages with your ad.

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Genius Monkey®’s Programmatic Marketing Platform (The Long Version in Text Format for Those Who Are Bored:)

At Genius Monkey, we utilize programmatic ad buying to place the branded ads of our clients in front of your target customers (those who have the greatest propensity to make a purchase). Programmatic media buying is the algorithmic purchase and sale of online advertising space in real-time. Our proprietary software is used to facilitate the buying, placement and optimization of media inventory using a programmatic media buying system. This makes the process completely automated, and while many companies use the “set it and forget it” method, eliminating the human touch completely, Genius Monkey retains the element of human oversight to assure maximum effectiveness and the highest return on ad spend on your programmatic digital marketing and remarketing services. We monitor results and make adjustments as needed. Your bottom line is of the utmost importance to us.

By implementing Genius Monkey’s highly advanced programmatic display advertising strategies, brand marketers can now select the specific crowd that they want to reach, including consumers who fall into the categories of age, gender, social status, education and geographical areas. We take things a step further by targeting categories such as psychographics, offline behaviors, keyword searches conducted, websites visited, and even emails from competitors, or similar type businesses. There is no demographic combination that we cannot deliver ads to, thanks to our numerous partnerships with behavioral database providers and our expertise in mobile branded advertising as well.

In addition, we have the ability to layer within the targeted groups by utilizing If/And/Or questions, narrowing the field down even more. This makes sense, because who would want to waste advertising dollars pitching goods and services to those who would have no interest in making the purchase?

Genius Monkey has some very effective tools that we use to get your product or message to the right people, at the right time. These tools come in the form of our proprietary software called OOIA (Optimize Online Image Ads), Omni Monkey, and OOTV (Optimize Online TV).

OOIA enables us to create, and place, efficient banner-based optimized display advertising services across all channels and networks, using real time bidding (RTB advertising), thereby increasing traffic, conversions and sales, boosting your digital advertising presence and your returns on investment (ROI). Our media and device agnostics allow Genius Monkey to bring ALL available media outlets to the table, rather than relying on just a few of the major networks. They are adjusted in real time, on all connected devices, to assure the maximum performance. Your image ads are not cast out to the world in a “spray and pray” fashion, hoping that some of the right consumers may see it. We are very specific in our methods, making sure to deliver the creative ads to those who have, in one way or another, indicated an interest in what you are marketing.

In addition to our extended abilities with online image ads, Genius Monkey is also the industry’s premier online video advertising company. Our OOTV video marketing technology places your online videos in front of consumers who are most likely to buy—and we do it at a surprisingly low cost! You pay only upon engagement, whether a full view or a click through. The average cost per click is only $2-4. We can do this by using efficient, video marketing services across all channels and networks, once again, using real time bidding.

Omni Monkey is our exclusive set of algorithms that optimize across all variables, not the least of which are devices and media access points. It’s all done in real time, based on performance. This assures optimal effectiveness and returns on investment. We utilize mobile apps, email, entertainment, content, social media, and reviews for maximum capture and results.

We can make a lot of promises regarding the effectiveness of your programmatic advertising platform, but unless our words are backed up by action, they are all for naught. We provide careful measurement and validation, conducting verified safety checks in real time on every image ad and video placed. This becomes evident in the easy, understandable reports that we provide on the performance of your ad spend.

Genius Monkey takes the reigns and drives traffic in your direction, boosting your online presence and increasing your ROI; and we do it in the most effective and affordable manner … we guarantee it.