18 September

Is Your Business Following the Marketing Trends of 2015?

Because of advancing technologies and online innovations in a now digital world, buyers today are more sophisticated and knowledgeable, especially in the business arenas. They are well educated on the products and services that you offer before ever contacting your sales team to discuss making a purchase.

The sources that these B2B (Business to Business) shoppers refer to are generally varied, however some of the most popular means of content research are:

Interestingly, 40% of Business-to-Business buyers frequently share company blog posts. The material that is most trusted by B2B buyers is peer-reviewed user generated content; so trusted, in fact, that 97% consider it more believable!

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11 September

Football Season Equals Marketing Madness

It's kickoff time for the long-awaited football season, and the brand marketers are gearing up their strategies to reach out to the fans that are eagerly anticipating watching the games and creating the buzz. This is the "salmon run" of advertising, when the audiences' attention is there for the taking.

It seems that the popularity of the National Football League has grown in leaps and bounds and is at an all-time high. The demographics that are tuning in are expanding. Some of the fastest growing of these are women and Hispanics who, like the rest of the world, enjoy their sports across different screens and platforms. This blog will explain the most effective trends that will put your business in the ballpark, tackling the competition throughout the entire year.

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04 September

13 Habits of Highly Successful People

If you're anything like the average person, you have experienced frustration in the form of procrastination, stress and everyday distractions. It's completely normal to fall into these pits of aggravation.

Have you ever wondered how the world's most successful people handle these everyday nuisances? Surely their frustration is equal, if not much, much greater than those who have fewer responsibilities. So what are the habits they keep in order to stay sane in a world of chaos? This is the topic of this blog post.

A recent research project examined some of the top CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs in an effort to discover:

  • How do they avoid distractions and stay focused?
  • How do they maintain a high degree of energy throughout the day without the assistance of caffeine?
  • How do they keep from procrastinating in the face of a particularly challenging task?

The following are habits that are commonly practiced by hyper-productive individuals. How do we know they are effective? Well, as the old adage goes ... the proof is in the pudding!

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