28 July

2016 Marketing Technology Summit

The Arizona Technology Council (AZTC) and Business Marketing Association (BMA) Phoenix Chapter are excited to present the eighth annual Marketing Technology Summit, presented by Genius Monkey

This event is billed as the largest gathering of B2B marketing professionals in the entire state. It is to take place on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at ASU SkySong, located at 1475 N Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, Arizona (Room 130). Registration opens at 12:30 pm and the opening remarks begin at 1:00 pm.

There will be more than 200 marketing professionals skilled in business-to-business marketing, sales and technology in attendance. The event lasts a half-day, and will feature top-tier educational opportunities, along with the chance to network with industry leaders from AZTC and BMA.

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22 July

Micro-Moments Are Crucial Moments for Marketers

In this hurried, techno-savvy world, there are micro-moments that occur all throughout the day, and throughout the population. A micro-moment is when somebody instinctively turns to a device (usually a smartphone) in order to learn something, to do something, to discover something, to watch something or to buy something. These moments are rich in intent; when decisions are made and when our preferences are shaped. We frequently turn to our mobile devices to help us find the correct solutions. This opens up a whole world of opportunity to brand marketers, who have the solutions that the consumers are seeking!

Since the advent of the smartphone, consumers have learned to rely on their mobile devices to help manage their busy lives and create advanced plans. As an example, take a look at a few facts about smartphone users (which, at last count, was about 60% of our nation):

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15 July

6 Marketing Myths

The majority of digital marketing-savvy companies utilize Facebook, banner and video ads to market their goods and/or services. In an effort to optimize CPC and CPV people try different things. What they don't know is that sometimes changing things to get a better CPC may look sexy, but can be detrimental to the campaign's actual success. Here are six marketing myths recently talked about with Facebook:

For marketers who are new to Facebook, creating an ad can be daunting. One must figure out the "wheres," "hows" and the "whats" of it all, as well as how much money should be spent, and where it should be spent, in order to make the ad as effective as possible. There are all kinds of marketing execs out there who are more than willing to dole out all the advice you want, but then, is the advice they give, good advice?

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