14 June

Utilize Personas to Personalize Your Marketing

One of the most crucial components of programmatic marketing is that advertisers must know who their target audiences are. Trying to reach the masses without narrowing down the field can only hinder your marketing efforts by widening your swath and losing your laser focus.

It can be difficult to reach your entire targeted audience without giving in to ineffective generalizations. And this is where buyer "personas" come into play.

Personas are fictional profiles that represent groups of similar people in a target audience. While they are no more real than cartoon characters, they represent the wants and needs of the members of certain demographics that you want to reach.

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08 June

The Future of Programmatic Advertising

Last year, in 2017, programmatic became a decade old. The success of this targeting marketing tactic has been astounding, to the point that experts have begun to speculate as to what the future holds for programmatic. According to Jeremy Hudgens, CRO at Genius Monkey, "I think that if we could jump ten years into the future, we would find that programmatic marketing wouldn't be just one form of advertising; it would be THE form of advertising."

If the technology and growth of digital programmatic marketing in 2017 is any indication of what the future holds, it will become the marketing platform above all other platforms. Experts speculate what the programmatic landscape will look like over the next couple years, and have come up with eight predictions for 2019:

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