29 April

Proven to work yet only 1 out of 4 companies do it?

The vast majority of people who visit a website for the first time end up leaving without initiating some sort of requested call to action-98% to be exact! That's what has driven the conversion rate of online shoppers to a measly 2%. Conversely, an effective retargeting campaign can boost ad response up to 400%. For this very reason, brand marketers are beginning to place their focus on retargeting, in an effort to lure website visitors back. The importance of this practice has become so evident to marketers, that 20% of them now have budgets set aside just for that purpose.

The concept of retargeting can be compared to a customer that walks into your store and asks about a particular product. They then turn around and walk out without buying what they were asking about. You have a pretty good idea that the customer will either be back, or will end up purchasing the item somewhere else. It almost makes you want to send a few members of your staff to follow that potential customer around, constantly reminding them about your store, so they make the purchase there. You want them to remember the name of your establishment, and not that of your competition. In the real, physical world, that wouldn't be practical ... nor affordable (unless you want your employees to be charged with stalking and harassment). But in the world of online marketing, it's a reality!

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14 April

Genius Monkey Strikes Deal with Zvelo, Taking Brand Safety to the Next Level

SUMMARY: In order to protect the brand safety and ROI of each of their programmatic advertising clients, Tempe, Arizona-based Genius Monkey will take it up a notch by implementing the malicious detection and content categorization via their new partner, zvelo, out of Colorado.

Phoenix, AZ (USA) - Genius Monkey is pleased to announce that they have struck a deal with zvelo, the leading provider of website content categorization and malicious detection services.

Genius Monkey is committed to pushing the digital advertising industry forward, using a combination of holistic and agnostic state-of-the-art technology, coupled with an unprecedented concept of customer service.

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01 April

Email Opening Lines that Pop!

Using our advanced programmatic targeting technology, Genius Monkey can reach out to the right consumers at the right time, generating a great number of potential customers. However, your marketing campaign is only as good as the manner in which your sales team follows up! This is especially true regarding the effectiveness of your emails, and how well you are able to capture the readers' attention from the very first line. Many emails go straight into the trash file because of boring, non-engaging opening lines. Most of the potential consumers that your sales staff is responding to don't have time to read everything that comes across their screen.

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