14 March

Ad Blockers, Not Such a Bad Thing

Recently there has been a movement by many consumers to install software that blocks ads. These "ad blockers" are utilized to automatically remove unsolicited online advertisements. Some of the ads that get blocked include web banners, embedded audio and video, and pop-up windows. But, is this a good thing?

Ad blocking disrupts those who earn their livelihoods from the online marketing industry. This field includes editors, publishers, journalists, columnist and content creators. So many of the pages that we visit on a daily basis are available to us free because of the ad revenue that they generate. Without this revenue, these companies would have to shut their doors or start charging for access to their content.

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08 March

Mapping the Path to Conversion

When mapping your customer's path to conversion, attribution tracking is key.

Using detailed attribution tracking, we integrated with Ticketmaster and were able to track the precise number of tickets sold for a particular professional sports team, as well as the value of each one. The results were a return of a whopping 572%, which was between 200-300% increase when compared to their success with other marketing efforts.

While working with a subscription-based B2B online program, we used attribution tracking and were able to increase additional conversions by 276%. In addition, we were able to reduce the cost per acquisition by 66%, we saw an 11.75% increase in users and a 9.72% increase in sessions.

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01 March

Franchise and Multi-Location Marketing

Brand marketers of today are fortunate to have the advancements of digital programmatic technology to get their message to those who are ready to hear it. There is one group of marketers that encounter a special set of unique speedbumps to overcome, though. If you happen to be a franchise owner, you have most likely encountered difficulty with your digital marketing plan. This is very common, as franchise marketing presents more challenges than the traditional route. This also goes for advertisers who have multiple stores in different geographical areas.

That's because there are two entities at work here-the marketing at the corporate level, and the marketing for the local franchisees or store managers who have their independent ideas, and want to include factors pertaining to their particular areas.

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