24 March

Seven Tips for Effective Marketing

Marketing is comprised of a host of factors, but the only factor that really counts is the results achieved by it. The key to achieving these results requires that you are adaptive and forward thinking. You must be involved with an effective marketing strategy that allows you to adapt your plans as new technology evolves, and nobody understands the evolution of technology more than Genius Monkey!

You may have noticed that those who are successful in their promotional strategies are usually very energetic, always thinking and coming up with innovations. They are also wise enough to bring in the experts when they aren't capable of doing it themselves.

In order to tap into this marketing magic, you need to be "in the moment" at all times with respect to promoting your business and reaching your marketing goals. No matter whom you are talking to, or what you are doing, you should be promoting your goods. This enthusiasm will help you achieve your marketing goals and will help you seek resources, which will help create high-powered results.

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23 March

How to Retain Customers

There is one thing that every successful business has in common: repeat customers. The reason a company generates repeat business is not always because they offer the lowest prices—it's because they are doing something to make the customer feel good about spending his or her money on the goods or services offered.

As an example, I do not patronize restaurants that are the absolute cheapest. If that were the case, I'd be eating fast food every day. I don't go to the barbershop that will cut my hair for the least amount of money; I go to the shop that cuts my hair how I like it. Oh, and it's a bonus if they remember my name or something about me when I go in!

Find a profitable business, and you will find a business that knows how to treat customers. Without commendable customer service, a business cannot stay afloat in today's marketplace. By placing your patrons at the top of your business's totem pole, you create customer loyalty, which is sure to produce long-term success.

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17 March

Genius Monkey nabs $2 million in funding - Phoenix Business Journal

Genius Monkey just closed on a $2 million funding deal, which will be used to continue the company's successful rise. Vik Thapar, principal of the funding company, Cypress Growth, said, "Genius Monkey is a good growing company; we're very impressed with them."

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09 March

Smart, Effective, Efficient Marketing

The evolution of the marketing world has led to a much higher level of efficient branding. This new, innovative technology offered by Genius Monkey can be leveraged by brand marketers, allowing them to reach out to their specific targeted consumers.

Online video advertising has stepped forward as a main player in this new wave of effective programmatic advertising. Digital video advertisements are stepping leagues ahead of traditional television ads. In addition, video creates the best branding and has a great by-product of a high number of click-through rates when done correctly through optimization.

More and more marketers are reaching out to Genius Monkey to manage their digital video campaign, using programmatic platforms. This technology automates the placement of ads, and it does so in the blink of an eye. Advertisers can traverse thousands of websites in order to reach the members of their target market.

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