24 February

Utah Honda Dealers Association Boosts Website Traffic 142 Percent Year-Over-Year, Positions Dealers to Increase Car Sales Up to 10 Percent in 2015

The Utah Honda Dealers Association provides a collective voice and regional advertising support for seven Utah specific Honda dealers. While Honda's national brand generates much of the advertising content for the dealers, the Utah-based association helps local dealers tailor their ad messages to their customers' needs. For instance, in the winter months, the association may help dealers focus more on selling four-wheel drive vehicles while their counterparts in Florida are still selling convertibles.

Until recently, much of the Utah Honda Dealers Association's advertising budget went to television and radio placements. But in 2014, the association made a significant shift to more targeted digital ads, with the help of Google partner Genius Monkey, out of Tempe, Arizona. Genius Monkey specializes in optimized programmatic advertising, which is a unique approach to tailored digital marketing that intrigued the Honda Dealers Association.

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11 February

Advantages to Real Time Bidding

There are millions of marketing messages being delivered to the world's consumer population at any given moment. Today's technologically advanced media is capable of some incredible sources of advertising. However, no matter how advanced it becomes, the main objective will always be to get the right message to the right consumer at the right time. To be effective, it must be done at scale, with accuracy and in real time. In the past, targeting and relevance to a specific audience didn't exist … the messages were cast out to generic populations in segments, spanning across broad ranges of consumers, hoping that the message would pertain to at least some of those that heard it, or viewed it.

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