12 June

Jeremy Hudgens Addresses the Digital Summit Crowd

Genius Monkey has once again accepted the opportunity to share more of the knowledge we've acquired from our extensive research and development as a programmatic platform and digital specialists.

Last month, our own Jeremy Hudgens, Genius Monkey's CRO and Director of Client Solutions, participated in a webinar presented by Digital Summit. His goal was to provide others in the marketing industry with a basic knowledge of the digital programmatic process and the importance of proper attribution, as well as the need for advanced technology. The webinar video has proven to be so helpful to so many, we wanted to share it with the marketing community at large — for free!

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07 June

OTT Advertising On The Rise

At Genius Monkey, we've been serving video ads to connected devices for years-- whether on CTV (Connected TV) via Apple TV, or a live-streaming show on your mobile device. Now that OTT (Over The Top) television has become as advanced as it has, Genius Monkey has officially separated out this channel for those digital marketers who want to go all in.

Are OTT and CTV the same thing?

First, let's take a look at what OTT and CTV really are, and the differences between them. This explanation is apparently necessary since, believe it or not, nearly 50% of today's marketers said they thought that OTT and CTV were the same thing.* But, this couldn't be further from the truth! CTV is nothing more than another device upon which we show ads; not unlike desktop or mobile. OTT advertising is simply the delivery mechanism of getting an ad in front of a certain audience.

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05 June

Video Popularity - See What Digital Can "Doo" For You

Can you imagine walking into a bathroom to do your "business" and just quietly sitting there until Mother Nature tells you you're done? Of course not, because if you're human, you always feel the need to do or read SOMETHING while you sit on that proverbial porcelain throne of glory!

A recent poll of 2,500 adults, conducted by UKactive, revealed that:

  • The average human spends one hour and 42 minutes a week on the crapper, or almost 92 days over a lifetime
  • The average person heads to the bathroom twice a day to go number two, and six times to go number one
  • That amounts to just over 15 minutes every day -- or almost two hours a week on the toilet
  • That's 2,208 hours, which equates to about the time of Earth's seasonal cycle
  • 33% said sitting on the toilet was one of the only times they have to themselves

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31 May

Genius Monkey Boosts Adventure Trip Bookings

The digital marketing ad agency representing one of the premier Arizona-based adventure tour companies in the Southwest, specializing in invigorating and informative off-road excursions and outdoor experiences, recently partnered with Genius Monkey. They were seeking help with boosting ROAS, brand awareness and bookings for their client's various adventure trips.

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29 May

Setting Up Conversions and KPIs (Part 3)

In Part One and Part Two of this blog, we read about our abilities here at Genius Monkey to track and measure with proper attribution. Along those very lines, let's take a look at the subject of Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) and how it plays a role in our measurement practices:

DNI in Pixel Monkey Can be More Complex When Needed

If there are only specific instances that need to be DNI'd, we can do that in Pixel Monkey (PM), which is an integral component of Omni Monkey, our digital ad optimization technology. It's a proprietary set of algorithms that assures that our optimization process is accomplished in real-time.technology. We can accomplish this without involving or asking the client to do anything for us (other than having our tracking code snippet installed on their site in the first place).

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