12 November

Marketplace Behemoths and Public Perception

As anyone with more than three hours of corporate experience has perhaps observed and noted, it is true that all major companies presently doing business have to exist in two ways:

  • 1. In the public-facing way their customers know and expect; and
  • 2. In a behind-the-scenes way that allows them to maintain a competitive edge.

Now, wherever these two can overlap, they almost invariably do. But often these aspects of a company's identity run necessarily and inevitably parallel to one another. Imagine how a family-friendly and legitimately wholesome restaurant chain might find it beneficial to adopt an aggressive acquisition strategy for purposes of maintaining a regional foothold. How does that chain's advertising message articulate its outward image while acknowledging its growth efforts?

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06 November

Genius Monkey Now Integrated with NinjaCat

Using multiple channels to execute your marketing strategy is, often times, a wise choice. But trying to understand and compare data from multiple channels (such as paid search, social postings, email, traditional marketing, etc.) can be overwhelming and very time-consuming. But how else can you capture all your marketing data in one place in order to gain "big picture" insights?

Three words: Data automation aggregation.

Data automation aggregators are third-party platforms that collect, clean, and consolidate data from multiple sources to create a single, manageable format of value-adding product information to boost insights.

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01 November

Genius Monkey Tenth Banana-versary

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Genius Monkey. The Genius Monkey dream began back in 2009 when digital advertising as we know it today didn't yet exist. In fact the word "programmatic" wasn't an advertising term that was commonly used like it is today.

Fun fact: Genius Monkey was one of the first organizations to coin the term "programmatic." Pretty cool, right? As we celebrate this special Banana-versary, let's look back on the past ten years of our company's evolution. It's been quite a ride.

Our Origin Story... An ad platform built for results--proven results!

Back in 2009 our founders, Seth Hassell and Clint Ethington, who owned several online properties at the time, wanted to come up with a smarter way to advertise and track the performance of online campaigns. In an effort to develop a more efficient marketing strategy, they came up with a bold new idea--a concept we now call "digital programmatic."

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22 October

Dare to Do Digital-First

First Things First

First impressions are certainly important. But in today's world, where consumers are in control of their journey and spend over 50% of their time on a digital device,1 first impressions simply aren't enough. Brands need to make a lasting impression, across multiple channels and devices, by following targeted consumers through the digital landscape of their personalized customer journeys.

The future is digital--and consumers expect businesses to be digital as well. It's not enough just to dabble in digital ads and platforms. In order for brands to stay relevant and competitive they must prioritize digital ad campaigns. That's why embracing a Digital-First strategy is so important for the success of modern business.

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16 October

Check Out Our New Client Dashboard Features!

Here at Genius Monkey, we're constantly innovating new ways to provide value to our clients for their digital programmatic ad needs. And one of the most important (and popular) offerings we've implemented over the years is a live dashboard for clients to track and monitor their ad efforts.

We understand how important it is for clients to view the progress of their campaigns, but we also understand how complicated it can be to analyze raw data or granular reporting. That's why, years ago, we introduced an easy-to-read dashboard for our clients. And now we're making that dashboard even better by adding a few new (and powerful) features.

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