18 September

How to think about marketing, real-time adjustments, and reporting

How much time should you spend on any one task, initiative, idea, et cetera? In business, that's always been the question, in one form or another. The truth of it is, we're all operating in relation to a time measurement of some sort, both professionally and in every other aspect of our lives. Where your company's operations are concerned--in marketing, specifically--that reality is further complicated by audience behaviors and marketplace trends over which no single person has control. What Genius Monkey does have, however, is the means of tracking those behaviors/trends and organizing our findings via tools like Omni Monkey. Those tools can be utilized by companies like your own or on behalf of your clients to allow for real-time advertising adjustments which are best handled via automated measures.

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11 September

The Three Pillars of OTT Power

Consumer video consumption is huge right now. We spend a third of our total daily TV time online, streaming our favorite shows on various devices1 and savvy marketers are eager to catch our attention by using the power of over-the-top (OTT) channels.

OTT is an online delivery system for streaming video content, independent of a cable or satellite subscription, just like Apple TV, Amazon Prime and more. By incorporating OTT channels into their mainstream digital ad strategies, marketers are able to display personalized digital ads in-between episodes. And it's totally paying off.

But how do you know if OTT is right for you?

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05 September

No Two Paths to Conversion are the Same

In blogs past, we have written a great deal about the importance of being there for your customers ... leading them, driving them, sticking with them as they make their way all the way down their path to conversion.

While we have supplied a lot of content that extols the virtues of our attribution tracking and the digital marketing statistics it provides, we know that it can be challenging to comprehend the entire value of our system; especially if you haven't seen it in action.

This report is for an automobile dealership. Because someone met the indicators for a prospective client, we started getting in front of him. For the first 27 days of February, we pelted this car shopper every day with multiple ads.

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04 September

The Future Is Everywhere: Get There with OTT

In the beginning, advertising to TV viewers was simple. There were only a handful of television channels, rotating a handful of scheduled programs, so all marketing reps had to do was buy commercial space on certain networks and bam! Their advertisement would be seen by a mass, captive audience and results were just a matter of time. But that was before video streaming came along.

OTT On The Rise

Once over-the-top (OTT) streaming services like Netflix and YouTube came along, closely followed by others such as Amazon Prime and Apple TV, television viewing habits began to change rapidly. Gone are the days of traditional scheduled programming with mass commercials, making way for a new era of consumer-dictated viewership instead. Over 50% of all 18-to-49-year-olds either don't subscribe to traditional TV or are very light viewers.1

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30 August

Is Cord-Cutting Killing Advertising?

Acronyms are making a pop-culture comeback. Let me demonstrate: "GoT." All it takes is three simple letters for images of medieval castles and fire-breathing dragons to inevitably pop into our heads. Such is the power of the hit show Game of Thrones, and media in general.

Now, with popular streaming services pumping out their own award-winning original content, it's no wonder over a million people have quit cable and dish in the first quarter of this year alone. Does that mean viewers have cut the cord on advertising as well? No--and it turns out they're fine with that.

Move Over, Network Commercials

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