22 May

Setting Up Conversions and KPIs (Part One)

At Genius Monkey, we are firm believers in full attribution tracking right down to the conversions that matter most. We drive the maximum number of engagements and conversions from as many networks, devices and mediums that we can. We also like to ensure that our methods of measuring the effectiveness of our ads remain unaffected by malicious fraud.

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15 May

Ad Targeting In Light of Today's Challenges

In past blogs, we have covered several subjects related to ad targeting and how important it is to keep all your advertising ducks in a row. This is especially true with the challenges that present themselves to the programmatic digital industry in this day and age. Genius Monkey is very familiar with the challenges, and has developed effective ways to overcome them.

Working with players across the advertising ecosystem, from the buy side with brands and agencies, to ad platforms, digital publishers and connected TV networks, we at Genius Monkey continually put our knowledge and technology to work so that we stay well-informed and ahead of the pack about what's working, and what improvements still need to be made.

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10 May

Genius Monkey boosts concert ticket sales. Rockets ROAS 1100%

A new city/venue has been added to the 2019 schedule of this renowned music, comedy, culinary and entertainment festival. They have come to Genius Monkey for help with brand awareness and boosting ticket sales, as this is their first year in the state of Texas.

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08 May

What About the Little Guys in this Technological World?

As any savvy marketer knows, advertising technology has become so advanced and so specific, that some marketing performance agencies are feeling defeated by these advancements. They know that if they have plans to run with the big dogs, they'll eventually need to hop off the porch, and that's not always easy to do in this hi-tech industry! After all, the agencies that are thriving in this hyper competitive environment are those that don't shy away from their problems. Instead, they embrace these challenges as new opportunities to grow, adapt, and change.

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03 May

Looking Beyond Impressions

As anyone in the dating scene knows, first impressions matter, but they certainly aren't everything. The same can be said for digital marketing. It's great when anyone views your ad, but it's even better when your target market views it, and better still when that view eventually leads to a purchasing decision.

Today's online buyers are savvy, not compulsive, so it's essential to look at the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns holistically and adapt accordingly. Jeremy Hudgens, CRO, Director of Client Solutions, makes the case for going "beyond the impression." But what does that mean? He continues, "You have to have impressions to get anything else. It's just about the right impressions, and the right impressions start with better targeting and proper attribution tracking. But how do you know what to target?" That's where Genius Monkey shines.

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