22 February

What is it Like to Chat With a Monkey? (Part 4) Maximizing Ad-Spend

In the last blog (Part 3) we discussed the sources from which we gather data here at Genius Monkey. From credit card companies to grocery stores, they are collecting data in order to better serve you the ads and discounts you may be looking for.

Monitoring your credit through Experian offers the same thing, and when we look at things like free email providers, within the terms and conditions of you signing up for that free email, you're saying, "I agree to allow you to market to me, for products or services, for yourself, Google, AOL what have you." Just a little further context on that, as well; it is really critical to understand the language that we use when we talk about weaving those contextual keywords within the body of that email.

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20 February

What is it Like to Chat With a Monkey? (Part 3)

One of the major keys to Genius Monkey's success, is making sure we get your ads in front of the right people. One of the ways that we've aligned ourselves with our clients (or with our partners, as we like to refer to them), is by making sure that we're going after the right crowd. That's simply because if we don't get in front of the right people, they're not going to click on the ads.

One of the ways that we get the ads in front of the proper faces is by leveraging access to companies like:

  • Datalogix
  • BlueKai
  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • MasterCard
  • And more ...

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14 February

What is it Like to Chat With a Monkey? (Part 2)

In the last Genius Monkey blog, we covered brand interaction and examined where our clients' ads show up. In this blog we'll look at the power of tracking via email, as well as the costs of effective, relevant advertising.

Not only is this an intriguing subject, it's revelatory to anyone who is exploring the possibilities of adopting a programmatic platform of their own, and how many ways we have to place content in front of their targeted consumers at the right place and time.

At Genius Monkey, we have the ability to deliver ads alongside, or directly, in free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL so on, but the data that we're able to use from this is very powerful, as well. As an example, let's say that you email a buddy who recently purchased a pickup truck. You explain in your email that you're trying to decide between a Toyota Tundra and a Dodge Ram, and you wanted to get his thoughts. Based on the content of that email, through our data and media partners, Genius Monkey would know you are in the market for a new truck. We would also know that we need to get an ad in front of you, right then and there!

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13 February

What is it Like to Chat With a Monkey? (Part 1)

One of the challenges that we face as marketers in general, is that a lot of things have changed as far as what the consumer requires. The numbers (not too long ago) were five to twelve brand interactions for a customer to feel comfortable doing business with a particular brand. In 2013 the study showed that shoppers required 28 + brand interactions in order to feel comfortable. However, that number quickly became obsolete when another study from a slightly different angle showed that one auto buyer's path to purchase required over 900 + brand interactions! So, here's the reality: How many brand interactions does it take? As many as it takes!

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08 February

Funnier Than a Barrel of Monkeys

As our readers may or may not know, March 1st, 2019 is the first annual National Digital Programmatic Humor Day (known as NDPH Day). To get your ad humor started in the right direction, the digital programmatic specialists at Genius Monkey are throwing some chuckles your way!

We are Geniuses

At Genius Monkey we are all monkeys. That's because we share our Amazon Account with one another. That makes us prime-mates, right?

Note: For any Amazon officials reading this, I'm just kidding!!!

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