About Genius Monkey®

Genius Monkey® is a digital advertising technology firm with an advanced full-service marketing platform designed for today's real-time programmatic advertising and tracking needs. Our media and device agnostic systems are only the base of our performance success.

Since 2009 Genius Monkey has been developing advertising tools and software for the digital advertising and marketing industry, while building deep relationships with great partners to bring you the best of the best of ad tech.

At Genius Monkey, our intelligent primates are specialists in servicing ad agencies, corporations and brand marketers with programmatic banner, video, social, native and search display-based ad campaigns. These are more efficient, relevant and targeted to the specific demographic and behavior that manifests a particular interest in their service or product. And it's all backed by our proprietary attribution conversion tracking.

The proprietary platform upon which Genius Monkey operates has the computational capacity to deliver scalable ad technology, covering a wide range of audiences and a depth of data to meet your goals. We gather this data from Database Platforms, Real-Time Bidding, Audience Targeting, and Ad Optimization. We do the work so you don't have to.

The proprietary technical intelligence we've developed regarding programmatic advertising strategies enables agencies, corporations and brands to greatly maximize their advertising ROI and actually see the proof with our omni-channel attribution from the impression down to the conversion. Our platform recognizes when the value of costly impressions is well worth the money spent, and when the inexpensive impressions offer a better return.

The Genius Monkey platform provides value-based programmatic buying techniques for ads, supporting your top-of-the-funnel goals all the way to the bottom-of-the-funnel "in-market" customers. It also provides remarketing lost traffic or current customer base. These objectives include the higher acquisition of followers and building increased awareness. Agencies, corporations and brands can now efficiently purchase digital ad impressions and traffic, leveraging the analysis to ascertain the right target audience that will be most receptive to the ads. They can also gain greater insights that will enable them to deliver cost-effective access to large numbers and a wide range of consumers across all content, devices and mediums.

By incorporating Genius Monkey's marketing platform, along with its programmatic buying (which is backed by algorithms that continually learn and optimize campaign performance), companies will show a month-to-month improvement in their ad performance, increasing the return on each advertising dollar spent.

Proven Results

Its not bragging if it's true. Check out these case studies of Genius Monkey in action.

Financial Backing

Genius Monkey nabs $2 million in funding

Genius Monkey has closed on $2 million in funding to create new products, increase our talented staff and advertise for new customers.

The company's first round of funding from Dallas-based Cypress Growth Capital LLC was favorable because of the investment firm's royalty-based growth capital. Cypress is the first, largest and most active royalty-based growth capital firm in the U.S. with $80 million of committed capital across two funds.

About the Co-Founders

Clint Ethington is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Arizona-based company, Optimize, LLC, DBA Genius Monkey. Clint relies heavily on his entrepreneurial background, which can be traced back to the inception of the first company he developed at the young age of 16.

Implementing his marketing prowess and technical ingenuity, Clint has been instrumental in the development of several ground zero Internet and technology-based companies, rapidly cultivating each one into a highly successful enterprise.

Clint oversees the day-to-day workflow of Optimize and Genius Monkey, lending his technical vision, as well as his business acumen to keep them on the cutting edge of the digital marketing industry.

Seth Hassell is a co-founder, as well as CIO of Optimize, LLC and Genius Monkey. Having earned his bachelor's degree with high honors in the field of Computer Information Systems, Seth has become a world-renowned entrepreneur, and has developed a keen eye for new, profitable ventures. Utilizing his broad base of experience in the high-tech industry, he has successfully developed and cultivated multiple companies throughout his life. His earliest winning venture started at the age of thirteen, and he has continued his triumphant endeavors ever since.

Drawing on his broad base of experience, Seth utilizes a hands-on approach to successfully implement highly ingenious and cost-effective management of innovative marketing strategies. His abilities to analyze the marketing needs of an organization and implement the technological "know-how" to make the operations prosperous has been tried and proven again and again. He has gleaned his knowledge from various sources of educational experience, and has participated in technology conferences held in locations around the world, including Switzerland, Costa Rica, Panama and, of course, the United States.

Congruent to his entrepreneurial nature, Seth has owned over 1,200 running websites at once, and has managed over 5,000 similar sites simultaneously. This affords him the back-end knowledge and technological savvy to update, manage and promote the websites he currently services. His highly specialized and profound skill set has earned the trust and confidence of an ever-increasing number of national website owners.