Online Marketing and Social Media: Predictions for 2013

Genius Monkey Social Media

2012 has come and gone. What’s important to note for online marketing now that the year is behind us? Firstly, we have all survived which is something to be said as there were large groups of individuals who truly believed we would not make it to 2013. Secondly, Social Media has absolutely thrived. What’s to come in 2013? We asked the Psychic Genius Monkey. This is what he had to say about Social Media Online Marketing Trends in 2013:

  1. Facebook: Facebook enjoys being number one. In 2012, they hit their one-billionth user. They’ll hold on to their claim of No. 1 in social media through 2013. They’ll also continue to grow - reaching 1.5 billion users before another year passes.

  2. Twitter: Twitter is stable. And there’s something to be said for stability. In 2013, the number of users accessing this social media site as a real time news platform will increase by millions. More people will learn about the hashtag, and some will even start to differentiate between which posts are more appropriate for Twitter in comparison to Facebook or Google+.

  3. YouTube: In 2012, YouTube was the place to see and be seen. Some were seen by so many that they became a worldwide sensation for apparently very little reason (can you say Gangnam Style?) In 2013, users will see YouTube channels becoming more and more a part of the daily user experience. It’s projected that 75% of all channels in the next decade will be born on the Internet.

  4. Pinterest: In 2012, Pinterest sprang onto the scene seemingly fully formed. The question with Pinterest isn’t what came first, the chicken or the egg? The question is what happened to the egg? Putting evolutionary concerns aside, current statistics indicate that 59% of Pinterest users have purchased something they saw on the boards. In 2013, retailers will maximize on this advantage. A metaphorical downpour of big companies and marketers will be populating Pin Boards in 2013.

  5. LinkedIn: Most would agree that this social media marketing opportunity is most helpful for business to business (B2B) marketers and job hunters. That said, LinkedIn is expected to double in popularity by the end of 2013. During the last quarter of 2012, LinkedIn recorded 183 million active users. It’s also useful to note that of the contacts made through “social media” LinkedIn contacts are among the most likely to actually follow an online “social” relationship with an actual relationship or purchase.

  6. Instagram: In 2013, mobile marketing will explode. The clock on the coming explosion has been ticking throughout the last quarter of 2012. It is predicted that the mobile market’s worth will eventually be estimated at a mighty $24 billion. This could be due to the fact that projections indicate that 80% of the world’s population will be using mobile phones in 2013. It shouldn’t be surprising then, that Instagram is pegged as being the MVP of social media in 2013. It’s both King and Queen of social media on smart phones as it was originally designed for mobile use. Other social media platforms offer mobile versions, but there’s something to be said about a social media platform that isn’t a “pretty good” re-design of the original version.

  7. Google+: Most would agree that Google+ struggled throughout 2012 to carve a niche for itself amongst the social media “bigs.” It’s predicted that this struggle will continue, but with the struggle will come an unexpected surprise in 2013. This is Google we’re talking about here. You can’t keep such a big dog down for long. 

Businesses hoping to maximize on the profitable aspect of social media marketing should already have a plan in place. That plan should already be implemented. Hopefully you’re already seeing the results in an increased number of likes, retweets, repins, comments, and traffic back to your site. Businesses who haven’t yet taken advantage of all that social media has to offer should reconsider their decision to ignore the vast possibilities for growth that it offers. At least, that’s what the Psychic Genius Monkey says.