Online Marketing How To: Step-by-Step Pinterest Set Up

Businesses are looking to make their mark on consumers through the lower cost, higher efficiency online marketing offered by popular social media outlets. Pinterest adds another element of play to the game. Businesses looking to maximize online marketing campaigns already in place, or to start generating the online presence that will maximize their company’s potential, should consider Pinterest. This social media site was dropped on the market in 2011 and met with unprecedented success. So much success, in fact, that for months, interested users were on an “invite” list hoping they would be able to start pinning soon.

For businesses utilizing social media as an online marketing strategy, this type of popularity results in a soul deep satisfaction. But for some, getting started is easier said than done. Not everyone is a social media addict, err…guru. Social media gurus move on to Part 3 in Pinterest Business Marketing with the Genius Monkey. The rest of you, access the step-by-step tutorial below for some online marketing “how to”. Get your business pinning today.  

Set Your Business Up with a Pinterest Account: Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Go to Pinterest and click “Join Pinterest.”
  2. You’ll have three choices: signing up through Facebook, Twitter or an email of your choice.
  3. Have an image ready to upload as your account profile picture. Make sure this coincides with your other online branding. It should be professional, simple and recognizable. When possible, stick to recognizable logos.
  4. Next step: “personalize Pinterest to your interests.” Don’t skip this section. It makes getting started pinning easier. Click on a number of photos that could somehow be related to you company, the services or products you offer or that you feel would be funny, useful or insightful to consumers interested in your company. When you’re finished you’ll be redirected to the Pinterest home page.
  5. Pinterest recently added a couple extra bonuses (like your full company website address showing up in search results) for converting your Pinterest accounts to “business” accounts officially. There are some extra steps involved, but if you are able, you could reap some benefits: access Pinterest’s business account info.
  6. Add some relevant boards to your Pinterest account customized to your company and your customers. For instance, if you sell bananas…you could have the following boards: Types of Bananas, Celebrities Eating Bananas, Banana Recipes, Banana Photography, Famous Quotes about Bananas, Where to Buy Bananas, Things You Didn’t Know About Bananas, etc. Changes can be made by clicking on boards in the pop up menu under your name on the top left.
  7. Click “Create a Board”. You simply title your board, choose a descriptive category for the board from the handy drop down menu and click Create Board. Repeat as necessary. Two other options you’ll see are referencing secret boards and inviting others to pin to your board. Both can be useful, but should be used discriminately. We’ll discuss purposes of these boards at a later date. For now, let’s get you started.
  8. Before leaving the page showing you all the boards you’ve just created, find your name at the top of the page in large print. Underneath you’ll see an empty description waiting to be edited. Click here and update it. Keep in mind your online branding intentions and keep it short.
  9. Click on Settings under your name in the menu at the top left corner of the page. Scroll down to your profile info. Add a location (if applicable), and your company’s website address. Make sure that Search Privacy is set to OFF. The whole point is to optimize your site through the use of social media and making your social media accounts private defeats the purpose. Next you’ll see a section on social media. Turning Facebook and Twitter on will link your various social media accounts. Save your profile.

You are now a proud Pinterest Pinner. Get pinning. When you’re just starting off and your boards are empty it can seem as if you’ve hit a wall. Never fear, just like dating, pinning is so much easier online. If you simply prefer to spend all your online time dating, then you are perfectly welcome to pass the responsibility for pulling the best online marketing results from the best social media outlets of today to the team here at Genius Monkey. You have your areas of expertise and we have ours. Lucky for you, we love to be helpful. While we did stop accepting bananas as payment back in 2010, you’ll find our prices can’t be beat any more than our results can.