Online TV Commercials

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PPC Management

We can manage your PPC campaign so you can concentrate on business..
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Real Reviews Real Fast

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App Building for Mobile Devices

Build an app that sets you apart from your competition..
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Website SEO

Optimize your site for maximum performance..
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Split Testing

Optimize the details of your site for better SEO..
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At Genius Monkey you can be confident that our genius marketing scientists will help your company evolve into a company of tomorrow, ahead of the pack today. Our advanced marketing technology and services make it possible for you to reach millions of targeted customers with ease and convenience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Our technology is built on advanced scientific data-collecting algorithms that work to increase your ROI and brand awareness. We are so confident in our flagship services that we stamp them with our guarantee; something very few are willing to do.

At Genius Monkey we believe that if we are asking you to put your money where your mouth is on your product or service, we should be willing to do the same. Genius Monkey delivers results, increases ROI and brand awareness, allowing you to do what you do best; grow your company.

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