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Programmatical Advertising For Your Business

Because of the advanced technology of Genius Monkey's programmatic marketing, the world of advertising has become a whole new ballgame! You, the advertiser, no longer have to put the word out, hoping that the right person sees or hears it. Thanks to our advanced tracking methods, we know when someone is searching for an item. We can then begin placing ads directly in their path, leading them to where they need to be ... on your site or in your shop! We essentially remove the burden of search from both the marketer and the shopper. That makes us "the perfect matchmaker!"


Advanced Marketing Technology

At Genius Monkey you can be confident that our genius marketing scientists will help your company evolve into a company of tomorrow, ahead of the pack today. Our advanced marketing technology and services make it possible for you to reach millions of targeted customers with ease and convenience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.


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Guaranteed lowest price and most effective or get 1/2 million free views on us!


Driven by Results

- No set up fees
- Fully managed with tracking console to monitor daily reporting
- Why use a self service product when we will out perform for less money out of pocket? All fully managed by Genius Monkey

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Easy To use Performance Tracking

Easy to use performance tracking. Log in and see reports on how your ads are performing at any time, 24/7. See everything, including total impressions, views, where viewers dropped off, the keywords they used before seeing your ad, what websites your ads showed up on and geographics of top locations and top segments in which customer appears.

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“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”
- Mark Twain